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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the biggest changes to UK data privacy law to comes into effect on 25 May. We see this new regulation as a positive step towards you having more control over how we use your data and how we contact you.

How we collect data

1.       Training Enquiry’s

The information you supply to us in an enquiry: First name, Last name, contact number and email address is only used to contact you and respond to the enquiry. If the enquiry does not proceed to a booking or further business the data is kept for 12 months and then destroyed.

2.       Training courses

For booked training courses, we collect sufficient data to allow us to contact you and communicate details of course bookings you have made, course schedules, and with details of future courses.

As financial information must be exchanged to allow payment, there are different sets of external standards for credit card and bacs payments, for example. These rules are applied according to the relevant regulations, and this information is stored in an individual’s file following the format and rules of the standard.

3.       Security services

For security services customers, we have separate commercial contracts that are specific to the services supplied. These include but are not exclusive to:  MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements), SLR (service level Requests) and SLA (Service Level Agreements).

 As potentially sensitive information can be exchanged at the discussion stage, normal commercial rules apply to the disclosure of such information. The storage and dissemination of data is kept inhouse and not shared or exchanged with any other parties at any point and the access to such data is strictly controlled and limited to the relevant account managers.

For security services enquiry’s that do not result in further business, these are handled in the same way as above, kept for 12 months, then archived for a further 12 months and destroyed.

What we do with the data we collect

We don’t share the data we collect from you with anyone.

The data we collect is stored on servers in the UK with backups made on servers exclusively in Europe.

We archive individual’s data that is no longer in use (after twelve months of inactivity). After 24 months of inactivity the archive data is destroyed.

Right to be forgotten  

The rules above allow for individuals to request data about them to be removed from our systems (AKA the right to be forgotten).

Your consent

If you agree that we can use your data as described please tick the consent checkbox below

If you want any more information about our handling of your data please get in contact through