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What is an apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a term used to describe a placement where an individual works and earns at the same time.  There are many exciting career opportunities within the world of IT and a Cyber or Networking related apprenticeship could present a real alternative to University. 

As an apprentice you will be receiving a salary and have all the benefits that your work colleagues enjoy.  

Some of the key benefits for signing up for an apprenticeship with BluescreenIT (BIT) are:

  • Earn while you learn –  Get paid to learn as opposed to you paying to learn through other institutions.
  • Work alongside industry professionals in the world of IT and gain valuable and relevant knowledge that will serve you as you move on to full time employment.
  • No tuition fees
  • If you have a degree already did you know that you may STILL be eligible for government funding if you register on an apprenticeship level at 6 – 7 and that training is significantly different from your degree.
  • You will be gaining real commercially recognised certifications from major vendors such as:
  • Microsoft
  • CompTIA
  • Accredited GCHQ training (Security modules within selected apprenticeships)
  • Your training will be delivered by subject matter experts who have spent several years in the industry and have relevant commercial understanding and knowledge.
  • Your training involves plenty of “hands on” experience within an environment that replicates many major businesses in the real world.
  • Some material can be covered by our remote access system from anywhere. 

So what courses are available right now?

Bluescreen currently have four apprenticeships that can be offered immediately with further two in development phases.  All apprenticeships provide skills that are readily transferable and fully recognised by businesses in the UK.

The Bluescreen apprenticeships offered are:

  • Infrastructure Technician – 12 months
  • Network Engineer – 24 months
  • Cyber Intrusion Analyst – 24 months
  • Cyber Security Technologist – 24 months
  • Technical Salesperson – 12 months Coming Soon
  • Digital and Technology Solutions Professional – 36 Months - Coming Soon

The above courses are modular and will need to be completed within the timeframe laid out above.  Your work placement will be with Bluescreen OR one of our select partners – either way you will be fully employed in an IT role and gaining valuable knowledge whilst gaining commercial qualifications. 

You can select from many course choices to make sure your on the correct path for you.

What will I be paid?

Bluescreen or your selected employer will set your wage. This can represent a real salary of approximately £180 - £400 per week (Salary will vary and are dependent on the placement apprenticeship level and previous experience).  In addition to your salary as an apprentice you will receive commercial training and certification.  As an example if you were considering a Infrastructure Technicians apprenticeship this would attract training and certification at an estimated commercial value of £5000 (Estimated RRP).  If you are already in employment and take an apprenticeship your salary will remain the same.

What do I need to start?

There are currently 6 levels of apprenticeship that run from 2 – 7 from intermediate to Degree.  BluescreenIT offer apprenticeships at level 3 and 4 which as a guide are roughly aligned to the following academic standards.

  • Level 3 Apprenticeship – Equivalent to 2 A level passes.
  • Level 4 Apprenticeship – Foundation degree and above.

Unlike other providers Bluescreen understand that our learners are different.  Whilst the majority of learning providers insist on 5 or more GCSE’s in order to start an apprenticeship we ask only that:

  • You attend either an online or face to face suitability assessment where you display a willingness to learn and are able to commit fully to the programme.
  • You complete an online assessment functional skills in the following subjects:
    • Maths
    • English
  • That you hold OR are prepared to work to Level 2 English and Maths before completing your end point assessment. Don’t worry as we will be able to support you with this with our partners which will be funded
  • You MUST be living in the UK and not in full time education.
  • You MUST be aged 16 or over.

Will I be offered a full time position?

When you have completed your apprenticeship you will hold several commercial qualifications, valuable work experience and your apprenticeship qualification.  BluecreenIT will look to use these qualifications to place you into positions within your local area – however it should be understood that a full time position will be dependent on your skills and abilities.

I have a full time job - Can I become an apprentice?

If you are currently in a position and want to advance your career you might also consider an apprenticeship.  Your employer would need agree and ensure that you are employed within an area that matches your chosen apprenticeship skills.  Your salary will continue to be paid from your employer AND your working hours and holiday entitlement will remain the same.  As an apprentice you will learn new skills that will add value to your company and increase your promotion opportunities.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about our apprenticeships please contact the team on 01752 724 000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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