CertMaster CompTIA Self-Paced Learning Solutions

Study online and gain the freedom to learn when and where is convenient for you

CompTIA’s family of CertMaster certification online training products are designed to help you learn the skills you need for a successful certification exam.

CertMaster Learn

To acquire knowledge and study toward your certification exam.

CertMaster Labs

To solve real-world problems in a simulated environment.

CertMaster Practice

To reinforce knowledge and prepare for your certification exam.

CertMaster CE

To renew your certification.

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Comprehensive Self-Paced Learning

CertMaster Learn is CompTIA’s comprehensive eLearning solution that prepares you for your certification exam and a career in IT.

CertMaster Learn includes:

  • Interactive learning with flashcards and performance-based questions.

  • Videos that demonstrate key concepts and processes.

  • Personalized learning plan.

  • Easy self-assessments.

  • Learning progress analytics and reporting.


Learn By Doing

CertMaster Labs enables you to apply your knowledge in real IT environments. Complete tasks and immediately see the impact of your actions.

CertMaster Labs provides access to a practical application of your knowledge through:

  • Course material that is closely aligned to your learning content.

  • Ease of use and flexibility.

  • Immediate results.

Prepare for Your Exam

The CertMaster Practice online companion comes with an intelligent knowledge assessment engine and helps you:

  • Build confidence for your certification exam.

  • Identify and fill knowledge gaps.

  • Receive personalized feedback about your exam readiness.

  • Understand your progress with real-time analytics.


Renew Your Certification

CertMaster CE is a self-paced online training course to help you renew your CompTIA certification automatically.

Use CertMaster CE to renew your certification with:

  • Targeted learning plans.

  • Structured lessons.

  • Self assessments.

  • Understand your progress with real-time analytics.

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