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Information Security in todays life is certainly not controlled by any one element... you can have the best firewall in the world, here but if your door locks are poor or awareness is low using business devices on public WiFi or worse personal devices to connect to the business networks then your firewall cannot help you.

BluescreenIT Ltd - Security as a Service

Bluescreen IT use a holistic security ethos with years of experience in the industry. From physical to operational to assets to Cyber, we provision a secure culture and awareness in a business covering risk across the board. We are able to think out the box, with an experienced team ranging from board level commercial awareness to Cyber professionals to physical professionals from ex UK special forces back ground.

We have years of experience working within Commercial, Manufacturing, Financial, MoD, international (EU and further), transport and many other industries.

Information Security Packages include:

Services within security packages available to our clients include:
  • Gap Analysis
  • Cyber and Information Systems security
  • Secure HR procedures and Due Diligence checks
  • Physical security assessments
  • Protection of your information assets
  • Security incident response services
  • Security awareness training for staff
  • Executive awareness workshops
  • Organisational Security
  • Vulnerability Analysis and Pen testing
  • Security of IP, financial and other requirements of a very sensitive nature

If it is security you need, then you HAVE to think holistically... we can focus on any one aspect or look at the security roadmap and holistically plan with you. If you to be secure, want experience and a professional team, then contact Bluescreen IT today.

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