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BluescreenlT understand it's difficult for organisations to predict their training requirements for the year. Often internal training requests appear that have not been forecasted. This means businesses are left to pay full list price for these one off courses.

This is where BluescreenlT's BIT Credits can help your organisation secure large discounts through bulk purchase orders which can be used on any of our courses, giving you the fiexibility to plan for the unforeseen and still secure discounts.

• Offer the simplicity of a single invoice with the fiexibility of use
• Avoid future price increases - No expiry date
• Huge discounts on our recommended retail price
• Accurately forecast your training provisioning and budget
• Flexible Scheduling
• Huge discounted rates on bulk purchases
• Fully managed training service



We can put together a bespoke quote for your company in a few hours.  If you want to find out how your Company can cut their longterm training costs call BluescreenIT today and ask us for more details on the BITCredit scheme. Click HERE to download more details