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BCS networking Level 3 award

·         Option 1: CompTIA Network+ pdf and CCNA pdf

·         Option 2 CCNA pdf and CCNA Security pdf


Working knowledge of: a range of cabling and connectivity, the various types of antennas and wireless systems and IT test equipment

·         Understand and identify Ethernet, Coaxial, Fibre optic and RJ 45 connector

·         Understand and identify a range of Cat 1-6 cables

·         Understand and identify Directional, Omni directional, point to point, point to multi point, mobile antennas

·         Understand the types of wireless systems

·         Understand the relevant test equipment associated with each element of the above

·         Understands maintenance processes and applies them in working practices

·         Understands the requirements for managing maintenance work order records

·         Understands how to respond to real time system down times for maintenance order requests.

·         Understand how to undertake short notice tasking requests

·         Understand how to record all maintenance tasking through a job card system of control

·         Understand maintenance tools

·         Understand, configure and manage updates

·         Understand how to manage local storage

·         Understand how to monitor system performance

Understands the similarities, differences and benefits of up-to-date hardware available

·         Understanding the comparisons of hardware

·         Understanding comparisons of different computer systems

·         Understanding of the latest hardware and its similarities

·         Understanding of how to evaluate hardware readiness and compatibility

·         Understand how to configure / support devices and device drivers

·         Understanding of access control to local hardware and applications

Understands and applies the basic elements and architecture of computer systems and business IT architecture

·         Understand the basic architecture of “computer systems” b) Understand business IT architecture, taking into account the full range of devices: OS, applications, databases, servers, networking, security and services

·         Ability to understand and where to apply the relevant numerical skills e.g Binary

·         Understanding of Internet Protocol addresses and how they work

·         Understand how computers see IP addresses

·         Understand and be able to use binary arithmetic and create large numbers from groups of binary units or bits

Understands the relevant networking skills necessary to maintain a secure network

·         Understanding of Platforms and Data Communications

·         Understanding of the requirements to configure IP settings

·         Understanding how to deploy and configure DNS service

·         Understanding of how to create and configure virtual networks

·         Understanding how to configure/ support networking settings and connectivity

·         Understanding how to configure/ support and maintain network security

·         Understanding how to configure/ support remote management systems

·         Understand why and how to install domain controllers

·         Understand the need for creating and managing Active Directory users and computers

·         Understand how to create and manage Active Directory groups and organizational units (OUs)