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BCS Level 4 award Risk Assessment

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Option 1: CISSP                                                                                                   £3,000.00 +VAT

Option 2: CompTIA Network+ & CISSP                                                                  £3,750.00 +VAT

Option 3: CompTIA Security+ GCHQ Accredited & CISSP                                         £3,900.00 +VAT


Risk assessment This is about cyber risk assessment

Describe relevant risk assessment methodologies commonly used in the context of information security and know how to apply in practice.

· Identify the vulnerabilities in organisations security management system. Identify the links between physical, logical, personal and procedural security. Describe how an employee may enable a successful attack chain without realising it. Describe some things that may increase or decrease risks related to an organisations ‘cyber culture’.

 · Understand the threat intelligence lifecycle and the concepts of threat actors and attribution.

· Describe different approaches to risk treatment (accept, transfer, avoid, mitigate) and management in practice with examples (which may be technical, business process, or other …). Understand the role of the risk owner and 22 contrast the perspective of the risk owner with that of other stakeholders. Risks may be described in qualitative, quantitative terms or some combination thereof.