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Security Case Development and Design Good Practice

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Option 1: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner GCHQ Accredited                         £1,550.00


Security cases This builds on “Applying basic security concepts to develop security requirements (to help build a security case)” in KM1 and is an advanced module focused on security case development.  Describe what good practice in design is and how this may contribute to security. [Use/refer to: Trustworthy Software Initiative (TSI) training material].


· Describe common security architectures that incorporate security hardware and software components. Be aware of sources of reputable security architectural patterns and guidance (e.g. vendor or Government).

· Understand how to develop a ‘security case’. (A security case, sometimes also called a security target’ describes the context, security objectives, threats, and for every identified attack technique identify a mitigation/security controls – technical, implementation or policy/process), recognizing that threats evolve and threats also respond to a security design