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BCS Level 4 Law, Regulation and Ethics

Understands the main features and applicability of law, regulations and standards (including Data Protection Act/Directive, Computer Misuse Act, ISO 27001) relevant to cyber network defence and follows these appropriately.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Package Prices

Option 1: CompTIA Security+ GCHQ Accredited & CISM                                                                                                                                         £3,900.00 +VAT

Option 2: CompTIA Network+ & CISM                                                                                                                                                                  £3,750.00+VAT

Option 3: CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Secuirty+ GCHQ Accredited & CISM                                                                                                           £4,200.00+VAT


(a) Knows of all laws, regulations and standards relevant to the cyber intrusion analyst role

(b) Is aware of the main regulatory bodies for their industry sector

(c) Understands why and how each is relevant

(d) Understands how to apply relevant parts of each in the cyber intrusion analyst’s working environment

(e) Knows when to seek authoritative advice and who to contact.


What You'll Learn

Understands and applies the foundations of Laws, Regulation and Ethics,  including: explaining the importance of law within the business. as well as explaining how the concepts relate to each other and the significance of risk to the business.


Understands, adheres to and advises on the ethical responsibilities of a cyber security professional.

(a) Can describe at least one industry recognised code of ethics relevant to cyber security and relate it to own experience and behaviour, with examples

(b) Can describe examples that illustrate where ethical behaviour expected from a cyber-security professional may differ from accepted norms in society

(c) Can explain how they apply such codes personally and at work and how their colleagues and peers recognise this