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Course Duration

Each Level is a One Day Course


Introduction Course Content

  • Apply and change a theme
  • Apply transitions between slides
  • Create speaker notes
  • Create your first PowerPoint 2010 presentation
  • Highlight text and change fonts
  • Print slides, notes, or handouts
  • Use Presenter view

Intermedia Course Content

  • Backgrounds in PowerPoint
  • Crop a picture to fit a shape
  • Group shapes or pictures
  • Make the switch to PowerPoint 2010
  • Working with watermarks
  • Work with handout masters

Advanced Course Content

  • Add a sound effect to a transition
  • Add bullets to text
  • Add headers and footers to a presentation
  • Add sound effects to an animation
  • Animate pictures, clip art, text, and other objects
  • Create a flow chart
  • Create an org chart
  • Create a template from a presentation
  • Design motion paths
  • Insert a bar chart
  • Insert a line chart
  • Insert a pie chart
  • Insert a video from your PC
  • Insert music and time it to your slides
  • Rehearse timings for a slide show
  • Trigger an animation effect
  • Use slide masters to customize a presentation


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PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010