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Course Duration

Each Level is a One Day Course


Introduction Course Content - 1 Day

  • Add and use contacts
  • Calendar basics
  • Email basics
  • Font, hyperlinks and spell check
  • Recall and replace sent messages
  • send automatic replies when out of office
  • send and open attachments
  • The ins and outs of BCC
  • The instand search to find calendar items
  • Use instant search to find contacts
  • Use instant search o find messages and text


Intermedia Course Content - 1 Day

  • Add holidays to your calendar
  • Control spam
  • Create or delete a search folder
  • Group and view email in your inbox
  • Import and export vcards to outlook contacts
  • Make the switch to outlook 2010
  • Make your job easier with outlook
  • Reach out with contact groups (Distribution lists)
  • Send and delete an email stuck in your outbox
  • Take calendars to the next level
  • Templates and stationary
  • Track email with read receipts
  • Use voting buttons to create or respond to polls


Advanced Course Content - 1 Day

  • Archive or back-up emails
  • Create and use personal folders
  • Password protect your email
  • Share or publish your office 365 Business calendar
  • Use rules to manage your email


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