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I have done a number of courses with Bluescreen both at this location and the previous and always found them outstanding.

The quality and real world experience of the teaching makes them stand out from other organisations where the teachers just learn the course materials but have no genuine experience to support it.

My IT career began with courses taken with them well over a decade ago and whilst various employers have asked me to go to courses elsewhere occasionally, given the option, and especially if I am paying myself, they remain my first choice.

Martin Scott
26 April 2018

I must say, the training bluescreen provided has really helped me a great deal, so I’d like to say thankyou for that.Big thanks to you and everyone at Bluescreen for the training and help you provided.

stuart Chriscoli
24 November 2016

...What Cameron doesn't know about Microsoft Tech...
1) Isn't Worth Knowing
2) Did Not Exist
Brilliant knowledge, very friendly and approachable.

Ben Hinchley
20 May 2016

Very good delivery and helpful staff all round.

Lewis Cook
19 May 2016

The course is well delivered and the instructor has a vast amount of knowledge on the subject, and enjoyable experience.

Steve Fidler
19 May 2016