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Blue Screen IT Ltd employ a strict environmental policy.

• It is the Organisation's intention to wherever practicably possible reduce overall energy use, so reducing the overall energy costs incurred by the Organisation.
• The Organisation is also committed to reducing carbon and other emissions that impact upon the environment.
• The Organisation is committed to constantly improving energy efficiency.
• The Organisation will as a minimum comply with all environmental legislation in force in this jurisdiction and any other jurisdiction in which the Organisation carries on business.
• This policy is intended to be practical and relevant to all employees and simple to apply in everyday work situations.


We intend to ensure this statement is enforced through the practices summarised below

• Computer equipment turned off or hibernated according to company policy time and configuration requirements.
• Waste and recycling policies.
• Lights out procedures.
• Printing kept to an absolute minumim.
• Blue Screen IT ltd are capable of complete paperless operation, with paper only used where absolutely necessary by a third party organisation.
• Students and employees alike are encouranged to car share in order to prevent excessive emissions.
• Invested in systems to allow for flexible and work from home scenarios.
• improved our courseware delivery to reduce printing and paper courseware to students.

If any of the above is unclear or further details are required, please contact us using the contact us link above or the text based information in the footer of every web page.