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You have been Phished by BluescreenIT Ltd.


Tip 1: Check the display name
Always check who the email is from and who they are too, when a Cybercriminal uses this type of attack there will usually be spelling mistakes in names and addresses.

Tip 2: Look but don’t click!
When you hover your mouse cursor over the link or links within the email you will get a preview of the URL that you will be directed to. Ensure that this is the location in which you expect to go.

Tip 3: Never give out personal information
Nearly all legitimate companies will NOT ask you to give out personal information like Bank or card details, if you are asked for these do not respond. the best thing to do would be to contact the company by phone to verify that they actually sent the email.

Tip 4: Don’t open any attachments unless verified

If you ever get an attatchment that is unexpected or you were unaware of recieving then verify that it was sent by the company/sender that claims to have sent it. ALWAYS check before opening anything.

Tip 5: Don’t believe everything you receive

Some Phishers are extremely good at what they do. the likeness of some phish emails that are received are unbelievebly spot on but there is always something that will give it away. if you are even slightly unsure about the content of the email, do not open it and contact the claimed sender immediately to verify.