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“i-Steps is an enabler at the core – to learners, educational institutes and industry”


i-Steps is about broadening and enhancing the awareness of learners about the full range of digital industry – from creative to programming to cyber security and showcasing this local talent to employers. One of the ways for this to be achieved is by having the support of multiple industry professionals within the various facets of digital… given the thousands of specialist careers involving digital skills, these cannot be covered by any one individual, let alone a single teacher or lecturer.

Digital Industry Days

Industry experience days are held at our BIT centre and applies to ages 11 to 18. The programme exposes students to the digital industry through immersive technology, equipment and experienced trainers. This is for anyone wanting to know and experience more in digital knowledge and careers.

We have already achieved fantastic results and feedback from students, teachers and parents. Learner engagement has been reported at a very high level and growth as part of personal development, let alone digital development, and has been an all-round contributing success for the programme.

Functional skills are enhanced through the programme working with applied Mathematics and English within IT through the use of topics including binary, logic, geometry, report writing, for example. The application of functional skills within the programme is often without realisation to the student until this is pointed out.

This scheme applies to all learning abilities. We have successfully worked with schools from all socioeconomic backgrounds and have had phenomenal results.


This is a fantastic and exciting way to get more involved with the digital industry and immersing themselves in different technologies, utilising hands-on kit and learning industry skills.

How does it work?

Run from our academy located on the Science Park, Plymouth, we have mentor/ trainers that work with the students and expose them to all things digital. i-Steps provides the platform for young learners to experience the digital and IT industry.

Giving access to industry IT and Digital experience

Flexible approach, one or more days per week

Experienced CRB cleared Instructors

Several topics within GCSE covered


Within school hours

Costs and Terms

The cost of this programme is £50.00 +VAT per day per student.  Fees must be paid in advance.  One month’s notice will be required for non-attendance or cancellation.

Get in touch with us for more information on i-Steps industry days.