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BluescreenIT believe IT can be learnt by anyone and the skills they learn on our programmes can be used to enter an exciting career in the growing tech sector.


We have developed a number of leading IT programmes along with their vendor partners CISCO, CompTIA and BCS. This allowed us to help individuals to up-skill their knowledge and create opportunities for people to learn and gain new skills, allowing them to succeed in their professional life.

We are fully committed to supporting our local community and our social responsibilities. The academy programmes we provide allow us to take those talented individuals that would have been overlooked and give them a pathway into this ever-growing industry.

We deliver our Academy across the Southwest and beyond. 

If you feel you could benefit from the BluescreenIT Academy learn more here or get in touch.


Our iSTEPS Programme focuses on the age range of 11 – 18 year olds to give young people access to experience the digital industry, immerse themselves in equipment and technology and gain valuable industry experience and personal development along the way.


We have deployable classrooms, which allow us to set up anywhere across the region. 



The HACKED programme focuses on supporting young people who are developing cyber skills which are of immense value in the business world in their own bedrooms, but do not understand how to transform these self-taught skills into a career.


BluescreenIT often encounter people who are being drawn into questionable activity online, because teachers, parents, case workers etc. don’t recognise the signs of hacker activity or do not understand the risks linked to what they are doing.  



The Traineeship is a scheme that allows for people aged between 16 and 24 who are currently seeking employment experience and a qualification in IT.


A traineeship is an ideal opportunity for individuals to gain valuable workplace and educational skills.


The BluescreenIT (BIT) traineeship will introduce individuals to the world of Digital technology and provide transferable skills to a Digital Apprenticeship or full-time work position. 




As the world changes all around us, acquiring technical skills is what brings opportunity and the promise of education is what offers hope. Who will teach and nurture these world changers of tomorrow, these global problem solvers? We will. Together with our education, instructor, training and employment partners we’ve made a commitment to developing the workforce of the future. Join us as we change the world – one student at a time.

Cisco Networking Academy partners closely with educational institutions and instructors to develop and deliver a curriculum that gives students the digital, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial skills they need to get a job, earn a promotion, or start a business of their own.


Our students do more than gain technical mastery, they come away prepared to drive innovation and help companies meet the challenges of digital transformation. 70% of those who complete advanced courses obtain new or better jobs, take on increased responsibility, or earn higher pay.


Cisco Networking Academy quickly grew to become a movement that is transforming entire communities, and delivering a pipeline of talent to fuel business transformation and take on global problems.


IT Introduction

Introduction to Cyber Security - This course is designed to assist you in exploring the field of cyber security, you will learn how to stay safe on the web, learn about attack vectors and attack types and explore the career options in cyber security. ENROL HERE

Introduction to the Internet of Things - The Introduction to the Internet of Things course (IoT) explains what the IoT is, what it does, how it works, and how you can become part of it. ENROL HERE

NDG Linux Unhatched - Thanks to NDG you can now learn Linux, this course will give you access to a Linux shell and teach you how to navigate around it and perform basic commands. ENROL HERE

Get Connected - The Get Connected online course was developed with the aim of getting people involved in the information society and creating an interest in study and employment opportunities. ENROL HERE

IT Intermediate

Cybersecurity Essentials - Aimed at people looking to get into the world of cybersecurity, this intermediate level course covers all aspects of keeping secure in a growing cyber reliant world. ENROL HERE

Entrepreneurship - This course will teach you teaching critical business and financial skills, attitudes and behaviours to help you succeed within the 21st century workplace. The course spans 7 modules which illustrate real working scenarios within a technology driven business. ENROL HERE

IT Teacher - Coming Soon

Mobility Fundamentals - This course covers wireless technologies, LANs, Routing, Security, troubleshooting networks and bring your own device.

NDG Linux Unhatched - Thanks to NDG you can now learn Linux, this course will give you access to a Linux shell and teach you how to navigate around it and perform basic commands.

NDG Linux Essentials - The skills taught in this course are applicable to a wide range of careers include networking, software development and Linux administration.

NDG Linux Part 1 & 2 - This course is offered by Network Development Group (NDG). The content will help you develop the basic professional skills that are common to major distributions of Linux. Part 1 and 2 can be done separately.

IT Administrator - Coming Soon

Programming Essentials in C++ - Here you can access the resources needed to learn the basics of C++.

Programming Essentials in C - Here you can access the resources needed to learn the basics of C.

Programming Essentials in Python - Here you can access the resources needed to learn the basics of Python.

IoT Fundamentals - Hackathon Playbook - The Hackathon leverages project-based learning methodology to develop technical skills and soft skills in a fun and meaningful way. These are referred to as 21st century skills. Learning and innovation skills are what separate students who are prepared for today’s increasingly complex life and work environment.




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