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Agile Foundation Training in the UK, BluescreenIT 1 day master class course

Updated: May 7, 2020

Why do project managers resort to using Agile project management as their tool of choice to deal with the ever increasing challenges of finding flexible ways to manage projects?

Our one day Agile project management training provides you the skills to adjust and increase your flexibility in your management, react to changing demands and timescales, increase your productivity, respond quicker and absorb customer feedback into your project delivery.

The one-day workshop will give you the understanding and tools to benefit from the Agile principles. You will then use these principles as part of the class workshop to develop your Agile project plan that you will build and take away with you to use in your workplace.

One day Agile Fundamentals Course

Who should attend:

· Business Analyst

· Project Manager

· Software Engineer/Programmer

· Development Manager

· Product Manager

A one day introduction to Agile that covers the following:

· Waterfall & Agile

· Agile myth busting

· An Intro to Agile Process

· Agile Flavours

· Agile Project Delivery

· Release Planning

· Planning & Estimation

· Agile Adoption

· Agile Project Simulation

A new course for 2020 and is part of our BluescreenIT #MasterClass series, that uses industry leaders and evangelist in delivering our 100% instructor led courses virtually and in class. Your masterclass instructor will be Jac Hughes, who focuses on working with teams and individuals to help them become more autonomous, empowered and productive by harnessing the agile mindset.

The first Agile Foundation Project Management course will on 15 June 2020, costing £595 + VAT and is available to be booked online.

If you are looking to utilise your ELCAS Resettlement training, there is an added benefit that this course can be bundled as part of our new ELCAS PLUS programme.

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