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Allison is back at BluescreenIT

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We are proud to announce that our Customer Engagement Manager, Allison Wallace is back at BluescreenIT. Allison returns to BluescreenIT after a short period away to take up her role as our Customer Engagement Manager.

A key position in our organisation that provides information, advice and guidance to UK MoD service leavers transitioning from the forces as well as supporting individuals and corporate clients find the training they require. “With over nine years of industry experience to pull from, Allison plays a significant role in developing BluescreenIT’s training service offering. Who is better placed than someone who has helped over 2,000 MoD personnel choose IT and Cyber Career paths. Allison's experiences also include successfully project managing the delivery of IT and Cyber Training to NATO over 26 countries, was instrumental in deploying a 3 year training programme between Oman and UK for BAE Systems and supporting our corporate clients across the UK to invest into IT and Cyber Training”. Sam Snowdon, Chief Marketing Officer

If you are looking for experience and knowledge to help you make your next training decision, call Allison on 01752 724000 or email



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