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Ben Franklin wins the Logical Operations September 2021 Instructor Excellence Award

​​​​​​Ben Franklin is the Chief Technology Officer at BIT Training. where he continues to practice his passions for adopting emerging Information Technology/IT standards and instruction.

​​​​​​Ben is an armed forces veteran who completed 24 years of service within the Royal Signals, British Army. He joined at the age of 16 and during his time, ​​​​​​Ben covered a wide variety of IT and Digital roles including: Level 1 IT Support, IT Training, Service Delivery Management, and IT Leadership roles that involved coaching and mentoring IT professionals. ​​​​​​Ben has traveled the globe, but now lives in Dorset with his wife Alison and children Maisy, 11, and Brandon, 19. ​​​​​​Ben has served as the Chief Technology Officer at BIT Group for the past 3 years, putting a strategic focus on new products and services that they provide to their stakeholders. ​​​​​​Ben also volunteers at his local primary school to deliver IT and Cyber education classes to children.

​​​​​​Ben has been teaching ITIL for the past 2 years, since V4 was released. “It sounds strange…but I love Service Management. I believe that time is the most precious commodity we have. We can recover life to a point, not me…I’m not a doctor, but we cannot recover time,” noted Franklin. To ​​​​​​Ben, being excellent at Service Management means IT teams use resources in the most efficient way possible whilst still achieving the required and all-important outcomes.

When it comes to teaching, ​​​​​​Ben loves being able to pass on advice, guidance, and knowledge to help his delegates learn something new. Like many other instructors, ​​​​​​Ben has moved to a virtual approach to continue training delivery overcoming perceived limitations to a virtual approach. “For me this was something new, but I completed the Logical Operations MCCT course which really helped, and I was able to use that information to shape how I could deliver a fully immersive online experience.” ​​​​​​Ben believes that having a passion for the subject helps with virtual delivery and keeping students engaged in the class is an absolute must. And that passion shows up in the evaluation scores and feedback from students as well as his repeat attendees.

Looking forward, ​​​​​​Ben is excited to be delivering a range of bootcamps to help those who want to make a move into the world of IT and Cybersecurity from industries that may have been affected by COVID-19. “This is super exciting, being able to support new professionals into the digital sector.” ​​​​​​Ben can’t wait to get back to classroom delivery and socializing with students!

Congratulations, ​​​​​​Ben, on being recognized as Logical Operations’ September 2021 “Instructor Excellence” award winner!

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