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BIT Training to collaborate with MoD for Service Delivery

Ensuring the constant career development for any individual can be challenging, but when you increase that to over 3,000 military personnel, then the risks rapidly start to increase. This is the idea behind Project Caduceus and we’re pleased to say that BIT Training is playing its part.

BIT Training delivers an extensive training portfolio in support of the Royal Corps of Signals upskilling programme, supporting in excess of 4,500 Service Personnel. The training offers a blended and affordable approach for them to both modernise and meet the challenges faced by Defence both today and in the future.

Courses include IT, Service Management, Project Management, Health & Safety, Electrical Training, and Information Security. All training has been enabled across different learning mechanisms allowing flexibility for Soldiers to complete around high paced working environments. This is achieved through our key delivery partners, Good e-Learning, The Focus Training Group and Wise Global Training.

Year One has seen 3,422 soldiers registered on the system, with 2,427 self-paced courses undertaken and 124 instructor led delivery days achieved. BIT Training are extremely proud to support the Royal Signals under Project Caduceus and will continue to pledge our support to the Armed Forces community.

Commenting on the project, Captain S L Joyce, Project Caduceus, Royal Signals said: “BIT Training have developed a unique training capability which is producing the Caduceus upskilling outcomes. Royal Signals soldiers are training, learning, and achieving industry recognised accreditations around current work commitments. Real time activity monitoring is proactively tracking soldiers’ progression through their professional development journey to provide constant data reports to unit commanders.”

Commenting on the initiative, Ben Franklin, CEO of BIT Training, said: “We’ve been delivering award-winning commercial IT and cyber security training since 2004, supporting organisations and IT professionals across the UK and the world. One of those organisations has been the MOD and Project Caduceus is a continuation of that relationship that we’re proud incredibly of.”

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