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Finalist at The 2019 Tech South West Awards

Updated: May 6, 2020

Could November get any better? The team are finalists for another fabulous award on the 27 November, a very exciting month for us. The Tech South West Awards #TSWawards have picked us for our Commitment to Diversity for generating positive pathways for individuals to get into Cyber or IT through our Apprenticeship Programme we run to create the next generation of digital & cyber experts.

Our successful nomination was focused on our proactive model of recruiting individuals who often get overlooked or sometimes they don't have the confidence to interview well. We took a stance to say that anyone can learn IT, but some of those we will meet will turn into the future experts of industry and we want them in our team.

Our nomination was centred around our apprenticeship programme approach that proactively took on candidate with diverse and ranging backgrounds that apposed the normal recruitment channels of taking straight from College or University with the right qualifications. Our candidates included ex hackers, MoD resettlement, neuro diverse and those generally lost to what they want to do. Our aim was to grow their confidence, build strong foundation skills in IT and Cyber and turnout digital professionals viable to be employed anywhere. Our programme combined the BCS apprenticeship programme with leading international vendor qualification from CompTIA, PeopleCert and Microsoft to give them the best possible chance to succeed in industry if they stayed with us or moved to other organisations.

Are we exciting about being a finalist, we sure are and hopefully our next post we be a positive result..

Find out more about the event at

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