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Helping to fill the skills gap in the tech industry

BluescreenIT in partnership with Digital Skills Partnership under the #Train4Tomorrow Bootcamp programme

Case Study

When Petr’s job as a Head Chef came to an end due to the pandemic, he was keen to upskill and pursue a new career pathway which would provide him and his family with stability and security. Petr applied for the Train4Tomorrow Cyber Readiness bootcamp delivered by BluescreenIT.

The fully-funded bootcamp did not require Petr to have any previous experience, only basic networking knowledge which he had gained in previous roles. The course also gave him the option to work remotely whilst gaining essential digital skills over a two months period.

During the government-funded training programme, Petr and his fellow learners developed technical and practical skills in Cyber and Network Security, Cyber Security Analytics, Vulnerability Assessment, Compliance and Pen Testing.

The bootcamp also included the skills and confidence needed for job hunting, submitting applications and preparing for interviews. Petr was given the opportunity to complete a mock interview with national energy supplier, EDF giving him the experience and confidence to transition into a Cyber Security role.

Petr said: “I’ve always dreamed of working in cyber security, but it is a difficult industry to start in, and often requires you to have previous expertise and expensive training.

“The free Train4Tomorrow bootcamp has given me the hands-on experience I need to start my career as a Cyber Security professional, which I would not have been able to do without funding.

“The Cyber Readiness course has given me a solid foundation of experience, knowledge and confidence in the sector and I now have the skills I need to start a career in Cyber Security.”

Petr’s advice to others looking to benefit from the Train4Tomorrow bootcamps was: “Go for it! The Covid pandemic has made it harder for people to find opportunities to gain skills in digital sectors but these bootcamps are a fantastic opportunity to benefit from free training and real industry experience. I feel very lucky to have taken part.”

Petr was thrilled to complete the bootcamp with a 98% pass mark on his final CompTIA assessment and we’re looking forward to watching him flourish in a new career.

Written and published by Skills Launchpad

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