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How a Sub-mariner in the Navy found a future in Cyber Security

After a successful four and a half year career as a Submariner in the Royal Navy, Clay Bryan was looking for a new challenge that would take him forward into a new chapter of his life.

He was drawn to the incredibly fast-paced world of Cyber Security, partly because of the transferrable skills he had from the Navy and partly because of a personal interest in the sector. The only issue was finding a way into the industry.

That ‘way in’ came via a BIT Training apprenticeship programme as it was the perfect way for a former member of the Armed Forces to transition from military life to civilian employment.

For Clay, becoming a BIT Training apprentice in the IT industry was a sensible first step into the industry and for him it’s been a significant stepping-stone into Cyber Security.

BIT Training have nearly 20 years of experience delivering courses for former and current military personnel, preparing them for careers in the tech industry. Covering IT, Cyber Security and Network Infrastructure, these courses allow people to embark on new careers in a sector that is often perfectly suited to follow on from life in the Armed Forces.

Commenting on his experience as a BIT Training apprentice, Clay said: “My apprenticeship was originally designed to be a two year course but because of skills and learning that I have had from my time in the Royal Navy it was shortened to eighteen months.”

“The IT industry as a whole is an incredibly exciting place to be right now as it transcends so many different aspects of modern-day society. The only real challenge was working out a way into the industry and that logically was via an apprenticeship with BIT Training.”

“Who knows where the future lies once I’ve completed my apprenticeship … one day I could be a Security Operation Lead.”

Apprenticeships are there to support people with training, helping them into new careers. If you’re looking for a sensible starting point for a career in the IT industry, then talk to us at BIT Training about our apprenticeship programme.



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