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How Imployable uses BIT Security and BIT Training to ensure a cyber secure business

Imployable is an award winning, app-based business that connects people with employers, training providers and volunteer organisations, allowing them to explore career opportunities.

The company, co-founded in 2017 by former Royal Marine Peter Kelly, firmly believes that everyone, no matter their age, background, ability of disability, should be truly fulfilled by their work.

As a business driven by technology, cyber security and IT Training was always going to be a vital part of the company development and for much of that Imployable turned to us at BIT Training and BIT Security for support. The results speak for themselves with Imployable believing that with BIT’s support they have to date prevented 12.5 million cyber security attacks and today the business has a valuation of £10m.

As with any start up business that develops, Imployable knew that they needed to recruit talented individuals to help them with IT and cyber security, but as with many start-ups, early budgets were incredibly tight.

In an effort to work round this situation, Imployable started talking to BIT Training about bringing in and developing an apprentice. What they soon realised was that the internal nurturing and shaping of raw talent was a more effective and less expensive strategy when compared with traditional recruitment. That in turn influenced the approach that the business took.

In addition to embarking on the apprenticeship route with BIT Training, Imployable also brought in BIT Security to help improve cyber security. The company undertook Cyber Essential Assist with the support of one of our certified assessors and they also recently underwent our Cyber Security for Newbies training, a package that’s proved hugely valuable to many businesses as they’ve developed and staff levels grown.

Imployable CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Kelly said: “Our relationships with BIT Training has shaped our cyber security. It started with an apprentice and has grown with continued support with the BIT Security side of the business. What they’ve done is help us grow our business and invest in the development of our people so that what we have now, is a cyber secure organisation, that enables us to get on with what we do best … mapping people’s careers.”

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