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Is your SME or family business safe in the event of a cyber-attack?

BIT Group's Security Division is offering a free half-hour consultation on cyber security to SWCRC members.

Companies of all sizes face many business challenges, one being maintaining their reputation and ensuring their customer data is kept safe. A good business reputation is essential to retain customers and to gain more to grow the business, particularly during these current challenging times.

Organisations, therefore, need to understand the risks they face to maintain their business reputation

, and one of the significant risks they need to manage effectively is the “Cyber” threat.

BIT Security session will help you understand your technology/cyber risks and ensure that these risks are being effectively and appropriately managed in the context of your SME or Family business needs. Looking at the quick and easy steps to reduce the chances of your business becoming a victim of cybercrime.

To find out more, please talk to our team about the special offer for SWCRC members. Find out more about our Cyber Division at Please email us at or phone 01752 724000 and quote ref: Shaun Thompson.

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