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Bringing the cost of IT and Cyber Training down for MoD Service Leavers and Veterans

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

ELCAS approved provider BluescreenIT have launched their new BIT ELCAS Plus Packages this spring to enable Service Leavers and MoD Veterans increase their learning weeks beyond their ELC resettlement credit limits. Under the programme, BluescreenIT have pulled together a list of leading IT technical training courses which have been heavily discounted to help individuals receive big savings of up to £1,750 on big industry certification training courses like CISSP.

The programme was designed to fill the gap between courses currently available on ELCAS and the popular industry shorter technical courses that are not, often priced out of reach for resettlement individuals. These courses include Windows 10, Mac, Agile, CompTIA, Scrum Master, Server 2016, CISSP, CISM, ITIL to name a few.

“Working in the resettlement market for 16 years, the BluescreenIT team have made it their mission to increase the number of shorter more affordable technical courses available. With a real focus on being 100% instructor led, exclusively priced to those in resettlement. This meant finding a way around not simply swapping out live instructor delivery with affordable online content to bring down the cost of deliver. There is plenty of quality online training options out there we can use and do use where appropriate, but we wanted to offer the real deal, with as much live instructing we can find at a price that we all can accept, which gives the end user the best training experience”.

“We have some exciting offerings, delivered by a bank of masterclass instructors we have on board. We will continue to build on these and find more instructors across the technical fields to broaden our offering further to increase the pool of IT & Cyber training available to our students.” Sam Snowdon, Chief Marketing Officer.

Jac Hughes, who served in the Royal Navy and is the founder of Everyday Agile is our first instructor who has come on board and will be delivering courses such as Scrum Master, Agile Foundation, Product Ownership and Kanban now and as we grow the programme.

“This is an exciting opportunity to support service leavers further their career and utilise my training to achieve industry certification I have successfully used in my past to support my MoD transition into the commercial world. The BIT ELCAS Plus Package programme, provides a platform for independent trainers like me to play a bigger part in the resettlement training community by helping to reduce the cost of certs to Service Leavers and MoD Veterans transitioning or upskilling as I have done previously.” Jac Hughes, Founder of Everyday Agile.

The programme is open to all MoD Service Leavers or Veterans looking at self-funding alongside their ELCAS or IRTC credits, interested in receiving 100% instructor led training to support them in achieving more industry certification including NCSC accredited training. Boosting the number of specialist technical skills they gain between the ELCAS financial years to accelerate individual’s careers when they transition. MoD Service Leavers and Veterans can access the discounts when they book both their ELCAS courses and BIT ELCAS Plus options together.

In light of Covid-19, all training is currently being delivered virtually as the world continues its battle with the disease. To ensure individuals receive the same experience of attending the classroom, BluescreenIT have invested considerably into their audio and visual technology to provide a full immersive experience and we will also throw in one of our branded Americano mugs to keep you hydrated throughout.

To find out more about the BIT ELCAS Plus programme and to see what is on offer, visit or call our ELCAS booking team on 01752 724000 for more information.

Find out more, click here to see the training options under our new BIT ELCAS Plus programme under our MoD ELCAS Resettlement page.

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