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#NAW2020, What is it like to be a Cyber Apprentice in a SOC?

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Find out what it is like to become a cyber apprentice and some top tips from Craig on what you should know before applying. Craig is our latest apprentice to join the company and works in our Security Operations Centre (SOC) here in Plymouth.

Our Apprenticeships have been a key feature in developing our Security Operations Centre (SOC) located in Plymouth to support local commerce and organisations with affordable cyber security services. Our apprenticeship programmes have achieved multiple awards in 2019 featured here for opening the doors to diversity and investing beyond BCS exams and encouraging our apprentices to take the more challenging

route of CompTIA certifications to create our future industry experts.

A big thank you to our apprenticeship delivery provider SWATPRO academy for their support in providing the BCS standards.

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