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South West Training Provider offers Agile Foundation training from home

BluescreenIT are offering a one day Agile Foundation project management course and you can learn directly from the comfort of your home.

Jac Hughes our Agile Master and instructor will teach you the proven techniques to why the agile methodology changed the way software development and project management think. Increasing the demand for professionals with agile knowledge and experience to increase the job opportunities available to you.

Employers are now looking more so to flexibility and the individuals ablility to develop cross-functional team collaborating iteratively on projects in a fluid and responsive way.

Take it on its own or looking to utilise your ELCAS, blend it with any of our ELCAS Plus courses to develop a customised package to support your management techniques.

Call 01752 724000 or email and spark your project management skills into a new direction.

Find out more about the course, click the link for more detail

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