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Supporting the rise of working from home #WFH with our virtual training delivery

As we all deal with an ever changing landscape as COVID-19 evolves, BluescreenIT hopes that your family, colleagues and customers are keeping well.

BluescreenIT remains open to business to ensure we support our customers, our staff, our partners and the wider community more than ever and help them where we can by working with them through these unprecedented times.

We will continue to work in line with advice from Government to minimise face to face interaction and therefore we are delighted to move our public training schedule courses to a virtual solution with effect from Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice.

The training team at BluescreenIT is pleased to announce our new remote instructor learning delivery for all our public schedule and educational courses in order to help our customers continue to gain the access they need to continue either their MoD career transition, education and for those looking to upskill and continue their professional development with us.

Mike Dieroff, Founder and CEO of BluescreenIT

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