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Top tips for graduates of a cyber degree looking for their first job

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

We recently interviewed a graduate and asked for three top tips they would pass back to students preparing to enter the job market.

I believe that for a graduate of a cyber program that some of the best tips are

1. Show initiative, I believe that my certs and my experience outside the classroom really helped with getting a job because the employer saw that I had drive.

2. Find a passion for something, Cybersecurity is a huge field, there are many different parts of cybersecurity and you might get lost if you keep trying out everything and not end up finding something you like. Find this out sooner the better.

3. Finally industry certs helped with showing my range of academic and industry skills to employers and that you have a drive which means you will likely be up to pick things up fast and learn on the job, and that you have a certain base of knowledge which should help find jobs.

Give the team a call about our industry certs here at BluescreenIT on 01752 724000

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