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Upskilling IT professionals in East London with fully funded 10-day Cyber Analyst Course

In a data-heavy world, challenged by remote working and increased threats to infrastructure, costs to protect your business systems can be high.

This free short course is designed to give existing IT professionals the understanding and skills to identify, respond to and recover from cyber attacks, adding a vital layer of protection to any business.

Designed and delivered by Industry-certified Cyber professionals BIT Group, training will take place in Barking and Dagenham's £15m Institute of Technology building, on-site in the Cyberhub Security Operations Centre. You’ll receive 10 days of training across a 10 week period to minimise the impact on your current role.

Benefits to your business

  • Improve your IT/Security team's `Response Plan’ and ability to  Recover from Incidents

  • Identify cost savings by onboarding the right Security Technology to protect your organisation’s infrastructure 

  • Increase board-level assurance by reducing the skills gaps between people, processes and technology 

  • Effectively identify & address vulnerabilities to prevent the costly risk of operational downtime 

Benefits to IT professionals

  • Learn Industry `Best Practice’ and understand use-cases that can be implemented in your environment 

  • Become your company’s `Go-to Cyber Security Expert

  • Experience being a Cyber Analyst within the East London Institute of Technology's newest Security Operations Centre (SOC)

  • Learn to identify potentially Malicious & Anomalous Events within your organisation 

  • Leverage Intelligence & Threat Detection techniques and suggest preventative measures

What you'll learn Day 1 - Theory

  • Understanding security layers, operating system security and network security

Day 2 - Theory

  • Comparing and contrasting security controls

  • Explaining basic cryptography concepts

  • Implementing identity and access management controls

  • Evaluate an organisation’s cybersecurity posture

Day 3 - Theory

  • Analysing vulnerabilities

  • Analyse threats & attacks to computing environments

Day 4 to Day 8 (in the Security Operations Centre, or CyberHub SOC)

  • Assess cybersecurity risk in computing environments - within a risk management framework

  • Identify that a cybersecurity incident has occurred

  • Collect cybersecurity intelligence

  • Analyse data collected from security and event logs - using both Windows and Linux tools

  • Analyse threats to computing environments

  • Analyse attacks on computing environments

  • Analyse post-attack techniques on computing environments

  • Perform analysis on network assets

  • Investigate cybersecurity incidents

  • Provide remediation and containment suggestions in response to cybersecurity incidents

  • Assess and apply cybersecurity policies and procedures

  • Understand the cybersecurity threat landscape

  • Review vulnerability assessments performed on computing environments

  • Utilise log sources for continuous monitoring and detection of potential anomalies

Day 9 - Theory

  • Identify cybersecurity compliance, standards, frameworks, and best practices

  • Incident response planning

Day 10 - Theory Cyber Essentials - complete guide to self-assessment

Prerequisites: This Level 4 course is free for adults over the age of 19 who are currently employed in an IT role.

Apply now at Barking and Dagenham by clicking here



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