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What are the most popular IT posts being advertised in 2020?

Jobs in IT
IT Jobs advertised in the UK

There were nearly 200,000 core information technology (IT) job postings in the UK during the first quarter of 2020 according to Burning Glass Technologies Labour Insights.

What were they?

Core IT Occupations | By number of Ads 2020 Q1

Programmers & software dev pros 72,816

IT bus analysts, architects & sys designers 30,749

IT user support technicians 23,750

IT & telecommunications pros (other) 18,133

Web design & dev pros 17,252

IT operations technicians 17,112

IT project & programme managers 10,650

IT & telecommunications directors 4,081

Telecommunications engineers 2,556

IT specialist managers 1,332

IT engineers 1,012

TOTAL 199,443

The complete “CompTIA UK IT Employment Snapshot” is available at

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