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BIT Training partners with CMN

We’re pleased to announce that BIT Training is partnering with CMN Training and Skills (part of Cornwall Marine Network Group) to offer an additional ‘personal skills’ element to their already well-established Skills Bootcamps in IT and Cyber Security in the South-West area.

While BIT Training will be delivering the IT skills required for this ever-evolving tech driven world, CMN will be delivering the ‘softer skills’ that will support those same candidates as they look to secure roles and generally operate successfully as part of a team. Delivered over a twelve-week period, the CMN element is more holistic and split into four sessions focusing on confidence, assertive behaviour, stress and anxiety management.

CMN’s nationally recognised award-winning training support delivers the skills and training that people need. The team has twenty years of experience in the sector and works with the DWP on delivering training programmes. The team that runs these courses provide expert specialist guidance to help candidates understand what’s needed in the employment market. They’ve supported over 43,000 individuals and nearly 4,000 businesses, preparing both groups for a better employment future.

Our Skills Bootcamps are designed to upskill and reskill candidates, preparing them for the new digital world. They work with employers and individuals, giving them the necessary skills to flourish in the tech industry. Covering IT, Cloud and Cyber sectors, candidates exit these Bootcamp courses motivated, ready and safe in the knowledge that what they’ve learned will prepare them for whatever the industry throws at them.

Commenting on the new partnership, Project Manager Kristian Williams said: “These days it really isn’t enough to just train people in a specialist area and then push them out into the real world, expecting everything to be fine. This partnership with BIT Training delivers a much fuller, complete package where they provide the technical ‘know how’ and we provide the ‘soft skills’, which results in candidates that thrive, not just survive. It’s this combination that gives candidates what they need while providing employers with what they require.”

Ben Franklin, CEO of BIT Training said: “We identified some time ago that giving people a combination of ‘specialist’ and ‘soft’ skills was the way forward. This unique approach means that the people that complete a BIT Training course tend to finish workplace ready, equipped with everything they need to thrive and flourish in the work environment. This partnership with CMN helps deliver that and means that our trainees are not only highly thought of but also highly sought after.”

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